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What is dirt and grime doing to your face?

Skin plays a very significant role in the entire human body. It acts as a strong barrier against the external extremities and protects the internal body from the harmful effects of sunlight, harsh temperature and climate. Face is that one part of our body that is exposed to the harshness of the surroundings most frequently. The sunlight, UV radiations, warm air, pollution and dirt, all affect the skin in a very drastic way. The lifestyle we have nowadays is very busy and hectic. It includes the outdoor activities which cannot be neglected or avoided at any cost. Hence, what we can do, is to prevent or protect our skin from the harmful effects of the environmental factors and avoid damaged or dull skin.

Skin consists of tiny openings called the Pores. These are the openings through which the oil and sebum comes over the surface of the skin to maintain its normal texture and pH. The hair follicles arise from these pores too. These openings originate from the epidermis and extend to the skin surface. When exposed to dirt, these pores being sticky due to oil and sebum, attach the dirt particles on their surface. This attachment clogs the pores. Pores clogged by the dirt and grime are very harmful for the skin texture, as they lead to blemishes, pimples, acne, patches and irritation. When the pores are clogged, the normal balance of the face oil and sebum of the skin is disturbed and skin looks dull and dry. Sometimes, this dirt includes some type of microbial entity, which leads to fungal or bacterial skin infection that sometimes worsen to a lethal degree.

In order to avoid, prevent and treat these skin problems, the following skin care routine has to be followed regularly:

  • Clean your face with a mild but high quality cleanser. Do it once or twice a day for perfect and complete results. The best way to do it, is to take a small amount of cleanser on your palm and apply it on your face firmly. Massage it around in light circular motions and never rub harshly. Massage it softly until you feel that all the makeup, dirt and oil has been removed. Then use a tissue paper to remove the cleanser off your face. Remember, never use a soap to wash your face, as it dries up the skin and causes excess oil production. Use the recommended Stillman’s Men Face Wash to cleanse your skin deeply and avoid the dirt build-up. It is highly recommended because it is best for all skin types and shows visible effects with no side effects.
  • Use toners and exfoliate to avoid the clogged pores and to compensate the lost vitamins and skin texture. Tap a small amount of the toner on your face with a cotton ball after you wash your face. The choice of the toner should be according to the skin type, specially containing anti oxidants.
  • Keep your skin free from dirt by touching your face frequently with dirty hands or objects. If a contact occurs, make sure to wash your face immediately with a good face wash, such as the Stillman’s men face wash.
  • Remove the blackheads regularly by using the cleansers containing salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. Blackheads are formed due to clogged pores. Hence, cleaning them will treat the clogged pores and brighten the skin.
  • Oil blotting sheets are widely used to remove the excessive oil and dirt from the skin. If these sheets are not available, use the tissue paper or the toilet seat paper.
  • Steam your skin for few minutes, and then swipe with a cotton pad smoothly. This will enlarge the pores and make it easy to unclog the pores.