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December 5, 2018

Are Men Too Concerned About Their Complexion?


Are men too concerned about their complexion

It is an undisputed truth that good looks can lead people to have high self-esteem. High self-confidence can open up numerous opportunities for individuals, which is why most men these days are now becoming more concerned about their complexion. According to numerous researches, people with dull complexions more often than not do not look approachable at first glance. Being approachable is a key quality that every man should posses in order to become successful in his personal and professional life. So yes, saying that men are concerned about their complexion would actually be an understatement. It is in fact more serious that we initially assumed. However, only being concerned about your complexion will do you no good until you pin point the exact problems that have caused you to have the complexion that you have. Let us discuss below some key factors that lead to men having dull complexion.

1. Heat/Sunlight
As breadwinners of their families, most men have to toil or go outside in the open. This can expose your skin to the heat and other elements that are harmful for the skin. Heat is especially an element that you should steer clear from as much as you can. It doesn’t matter if its indoor heat from the kitchen or outdoor heat from the weather or anything else from that matter. Wear sunglasses and a cap to make sure that your face does not get exposed to the sunlight and try to walk in areas where there is shade in abundance. You can also wear full sleeve shirts to make sure that your hands are safe from sunlight as well.

2. Pollution
It is fairly obvious that pollution is a major contributor to most of the health problems anywhere in the world. It causes people to attain different diseases, some of which are extremely dangerous. So, is there any wonder that pollution is also a contributor to dull complexion? Well, it shouldn’t be. Men are the ones who are most exposed to pollution, mostly because of the nature of their jobs and also because they generally tend to spend a huge chunk of their time outside. Pollution from vehicles, cigarettes, chimneys and numerous other places is absorbed in your skin and in your lungs, which effects your overall health, essentially impacting your skin as well. It would be wise to keep yourself distanced from pollution as much as you can. You can do this by wearing a pollution mask and distancing yourself from places that you believe are highly polluted.

3. Diet
A lot of you might be surprised to hear this, but your diet can also play a huge role for your complexion. Consuming an unhealthy diet not only has an affect on your health but on your complexion as well. Try to stay away from unhealthy foods and introduce a diet with a balanced amount of high-quality protein, carbohydrates and vitamins. You should also drink a decent amount of water (half gallon) on a daily basis. Follow a healthy meal plan and you will see a positive change in your complexion within a matter of weeks.

4. Not Prioritizing Skincare
Since men are prone to leading rough and rugged lives, they often shy away from skincare. Ask around and you will find out that skincare seems to be the least of most men’s worries. Well, you simply can’t wish for a better complexion, you have to put an effort to achieve it. Coming up with a proper skincare routine means that you have to do your research and get hold of safe and high-quality products for your skin.

Is it Really Necessary for Men to Worry About Their Complexion?
In a world where most people unfortunately judge people by their appearance, yes men should worry about their complexion. But as mentioned earlier, actively doing something about improving your complexion instead of just worrying about it is what will eliminate your worries. Experts highly recommend Stillmans men’s fairness cream for improving male complexion. It is  safe and has a proven track record for improving men’s fairness within days.