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Should Men Use Fairness Creams?

Men going to the salon for a manicure, pedicure or facial was considered a taboo, few years ago. But nowadays, it is very common to see men going to the salons for their beauty treatments. It seems that beauty is no more the feminine domain. It is jaw dropping to watch the modern men being so keen about their skin tone and appearance. Ladies, the competition gets tough here! Tall, dark and handsome? NO MORE. Recently, men`s increased fascination towards fair complexion has been noticed. It can be said, that the macho look is surely replaced by the metrosexual appearance.

Our skin colour is determined by our race and genetic lineage which in turn decides the amount and structure of melanin. The people with light skin tone have less amount of melanin produced by the melanocytes, whereas people with darker skin tone have more melanin produced. Women tend to make 3 to 4% less melanin in their skin than men.

So is it possible to lighten your skin tone with these fairness products? Yes it is. Though the skin tone is considered genetic and persistent, it is greatly affected by the pollution, sunlight and other environmental conditions. The damage done to the skin can easily be reversed by a good quality fairness cream. Most of the fairness creams contain hydroquinone, a chemical slowing down melanin production and helping you gain your original skin colour that’s lost due to wear and tear and exposure to the tough environmental conditions.

Recently, the availability of variety of men fairness products and cosmetics is increasing. Media is highly indulged in creating the public awareness of these products and their use. The leading cosmetic companies have launched their men fairness products and advertised them in a very efficient and effective way through media. These convincing advertisements are the reason of this increased demand of fair skin tone in men. According to a research, the men’s fairness products market is estimated at Rs.175crore (nearly $40 million) and is rapidly growing at the rate of 25%. Whereas the women’s fairness market is increasing at 7 to 8%.

The question is, are the men cosmetic products different from women’s? The answer is YES. The male skin is thicker and rougher than the female skin. They have more sweat and oil glands on their skin surface. Their skin is firmer than the female skin due to the presence of collagen and elastin. They have larger pores and are more resistant to pollutants. Hence, the cosmetic products for men have a higher concentration of ingredients to ease the penetration of the regime into the deep layers of the thick skin and reach the melanocytes and inhibit the melanin (pigment responsible for dark complexion), leading to fairer and brighter complexion. The ingredients for women fairness cream are same, but low in concentration due to thinner skin and easy penetration. Using a good quality fairness cream is a good option.

The recommended is Stillman’s Men Fairness cream. It’s advanced moisturizing and multi vitamin formula gives a beaming skin tone. It is tested and verified with best customer reviews. It cleans the dark spots from the skin, making it radiant, removing the acne marks, and brightens the damaged and dull skin. Stillman’s is one of the leading cosmetic brand that has other popular products as well, such as the freckle cream. It is highly recommended for its efficient and visible results and no side effects.