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10 Night Time Skincare Tips

We all have our bad days when we are too lazy to even wash our face. But then there are days that present to us the aftermath of our negligence. It can be a mirror reflection, a photograph, a comment from a friend, literally anything, that can make us conscious about our skin condition.
Before you go on a self-questioning streak one more time, I’d suggest some help if you’d like it.
Procrastination sounds like a great thing, as long as it’s being done to a boring assignment. Why not make a skincare routine that’s very interesting and absorbing? something that doesn’t feel like a burden? Here are some tips on a night time skincare routine.

1. Remove your make up
Never ever sleep with your makeup on. Cosmetics are great for a fresh party look, but if you develop a habit of sleeping with makeup on, it deteriorates your skin over time. Soap operas are a joke when they show us heroines sleeping with make up on.

2. Wash your face thoroughly
I use Stillman’s fairness face wash if you’d like help with choosing a great product. Rinse your skin well until any traces of the day-long dirt gains are gone. It helps your skin look fresh the next morning.

3. Apply a light moisturizer
Washing your face will ultimately give you a fresh feeling just like a bath freshens up your body. Apply a light moisturizer to get rid of the dryness which lead to dry patches.

4. Apply a bleach cream
A bleach cream will ultimately show results within a few weeks. Consider Stillman’s bleach cream for a perfect skincare routine. It not only renews the layers of skin from within, but also produces the desired results for a fairer skin when used regularly.

5. Drink water
Most skincare experts would tell you to do this. Yes. Drink water.
Even though it sounds like a body care routine, 78% of the people with glowing skin that we interviewed said they drink lots of water, specially before going to bed. 22% had firm beliefs in the products they used. Water tightens your skin and helps prevent loose skin that may appear as a sign of aging.

6. Massage your skin
With the product applied at the very end, keep massaging your face in light round strokes as you lay down for your beauty sleep. The massage will help catalyze the process of cell replacement on your skin. A gentle massage will also help remove fatigue from the skin.

7. Don’t leave out limbic skin
What good is a glowing face when you’re ashamed of your hands and feet?
Make sure to take care of them too through a well crafted skincare routine. Thoroughly wash your hands and feet and rinse them with a soap well. Give them a soaking therapy once in a while to keep them hydrated and fresh.

8. Apply body lotion
Night time is the best to make sure body lotion stays. During the days, there are simply too many tasks that require usage of hands and feet. On the contrary, you can just lie down at night without wearing slippers or having to do any chores. Make the best use of this time to give relaxation and moisturizing time to hands and feet.

9. Healthy sleeping habit
Make sure your sleep requirements are fulfilled. Only then will you appear fresh. Otherwise, a tired face will wake up tired if enough sleep has not been attained. Also, try developing a habit of sleeping on your back. This way, your heart isn’t pressurized which reduces chances of a heart attack. It also ensures that your bleach cream would stay on your skin during most of the night.

10. Wash your face first thing in the morning
The bleach cream has done its part overnight. Rinse it off with Stillman’s fairness face wash in the morning to attain the freshness once again. It’s important to note that all beauty products should be removed from skin after the prescribed time. Otherwise they embed with the incoming dirt to plague your skin.

You can start your day with a healthy and beautiful glowing skin now. When you make these little efforts, you get the results within two weeks. Results are what everyone demands, and results are what have kept me following this routine for months now. Once a healthy habit is developed, you don’t even have to think about it. The routine repeats itself while you enjoy that reflection in the mirror, or that photograph, or that compliment from a co-worker. A healthy skincare routine will make sure you don’t miss out on your share of natural beauty. Just a little effort and what’s yielded is almost miraculously fresh, right from heaven itself. Exaggerations apart, we all need and want the healthy skin that awaits us through a healthy routine.