Skin care tips for the monsoon season
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August 16, 2017
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September 6, 2017

Must Have Stillman’s Beauty Products for this Rainy Season

Stillman's Beauty Products for the Monsoon Season

Dust, high humidity, and pollution can cause damage to your skin in the monsoon season. Most of the people tend to face issues with their skin in this season because the combination of heat and rain damages the skin. Eating healthy and keeping your body hydrated is the major aspects of planning to combat with different skin ailments. Therefore, during all those rainy days, you need to take extra care of your skin keeping it free from various bacterial infections as well as maintaining a youthful glow.

We have all heard about different skin care regimes including toning, cleansing as well as moisturizing. Most of us are aware that we need them, but always end up ignoring one basic ritual for healthy skin which is highly essential during the rainy season. Here is the list of some must have Stillman’s products this monsoon season.

Stillman’s Daily Face Wash & Fairness Face Wash

Monsoon is a season that is full of different infections due to which it is necessary to keep the skin clean at all times to prevent bacteria from multiplying on the skin due to high humidity, excessive sweat, and heat. Stillman’s Daily and Fairness Face Wash is highly gentle on the face while removing all sorts of harmful bacterial infections and debris spreading germs. The face wash is made by opting natural and herbal ingredients which are the best choice for the skin, especially during the monsoon season for all types of skin. The Fairness Face Wash gives an added benefit to those who are looking to get fairer and radiant all year round.

Stillman’s Freckle Cream

In the monsoon season always look for a light moisturizing cream that gets quickly absorb into the skin. The Stillman’s Freckle Cream should be used in the night time, spread equally on your face and removed early in the morning with any one of Stillman’s face wash. The Freckle Cream repairs the damaged skin giving you the best look in monsoon too. It also keeps your skin hydrated and oil free while deeply moisturizing the skin.

Also, you can use it before applying makeup in the monsoon season as a light base. Full-coverage or tinted foundations tend to give very clammily as well as uneven tones when exposed to rain, so Stillman’s Freckle cream is a great alternative to keep the skin glowing. For the rainy days, stick to this one formula that will help blend your makeup perfectly. Also, making it more natural and long-lasting.

Dos and DON’Ts of Makeup in the Monsoon Season

Try to avoid foundation as much as possible, instead replace it with face powder to effectively get rid of the greasy look. Similarly, use cream blushers instead of other powdered blush. The same goes with the shadows also, try to make use of subtle colors such as beige, pink or brown, and use powdered eye shadows instead of using creams. Mascara is a straight NO during monsoon season. Make appropriate selection of water resistant mascaras that will last long without getting smudged. In the case of lip color, matte is the best choice for the monsoon season. Make a note to yourself, Avoid glossy and dark lip colors as it will make your look messy.