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Cure for Red, Sensitive, Extremely Dry and Flaky Skin

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The occurrence of red, flaky and dry patches on your skin are attributed to different environmental factors as well as other internal body problems. The factors might include seasonal changes, wind, dampness and dry weather. However, not all the red, dry and flaky patches on the face can be directly attributed to the various environmental factors. Therefore, it is necessary to consult with the skin physician or esthetician to determine the most suitable treatment for your skin condition.
Alarming Skin Conditions
In some cases, there could be more systemic causes of seasonal dry, flaky and skin. The most common skin conditions can make your facial areas highly sensitive as well as results in the appearance of symptoms such a rashes around the back of front neck areas or forms red dry lumps.
These may be caused by different skin conditions including Eczema, Psoriasis, Rosacea, Ringworm, Atopic or Seborrheic Dermatitis and other Allergies. These conditions require special dermatology treatments that might include oral antibiotic as well as other medications that can adequately address the cause of the major symptoms that are accountable for small red dry lumps as well as red spots.
It is essential to understand that each of the following conditions does represent different symptoms on the skin. However, red patches on the face can lead to an assumption that it is a simple case of skin irritation. Rosacea, as well as Atopic Dermatitis, is the most frequent causes of red, dry and flaky skin that tend to be characterized by the spots around eye lids and nose, in contrary Psoriasis as well as ringworm might result in the appearance of dry and red circular patches in the face. This condition has greater significance to be consulted with the doctor to attain full facial treatment instead of only palliative care.
Treatments for Dry, Red and Flaky Skin for Relief 
Although, there is an actual requirement for medical examination to adequately treat such skin conditions and red patches on the face. The environmental problems are vitally significant for you to make sure that the skin is protected in the best way from these exacerbating irritants. It is essential for you to protect your face with certain protective products when traveling in the summer. Similarly, usage of Vitamin E oil can offer you instant relief as well as protection. The primary concern is avoiding an excessive contact or touching of the dry, red and flaky facial patches as this can increase the further irritation. It is also essential to keep your skin hydrated in the summers by drinking plenty of fluids.
Look at your cleansers and other beauty products to make sure that you avoid ingredients like Sodium Laureth Sulfate or Ammonium Laureth Sulfate as these can cause further damages to the facial skin. Similarly, if you are making use of certain strong cleansers meaning that you are stripping the overall moisture out of your skin which is considered the worst thing you can do for the sensitive skin type. Instead, make use of Vitamin C it has proven to be a highly active ingredient for the protection of skin cells from many environmental damages. Likewise, UV rays can cause skin inflammation making your sensitive skin more reactive. Thus, try to wear broad-spectrum sunscreen and moisturize your skin with highly rich lipid oils to reinforce natural barriers.
Lastly, be sure to purchase products that are exclusively created for your unique skin requirements. Experiencing red, dry and flaky facial skin can be very painful and frustrating. Follow the above tips for your sensitive skin to look radiant all year round.