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April 3, 2017
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May 8, 2017

Tips for Glowing Skin in Summer

We all want a face that is admired by all; one that hasn’t been defeated by the rigors of daily life and that can only happen if we have flawless skin. Admit it; you’ve secretly tried all sorts of home remedies and do-it-yourself facial masks just so that you can get the skin that dreams are made of. But we all know it isn’t easy, especially during summers when heat and humidity together prove to be a terrible combination for your face. With our simple and easy-to-follow tips, however, you will find it’s possible to getting glowing skin in this weather as well.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

Experts say one of the leading causes of premature skin ageing is dehydration. When your cells don’t have enough moisture, the texture and appearance of the skin is adversely affected. So load up on water and moisturize and exfoliate to ensure the skin doesn’t lose water.

Don’t over wash

We often think that sticky, greasy feeling on our skin can be done away with constantly washing our face. It’s tempting to get that squeaky, clean feeling every time but don’t give in to it. Resist the urge to over wash because it strips away the natural oils found in our skin. So our cells go into overdrive producing more oil, which eventually leads to breakouts and other skin problems. Try and use gentle, facial cleansers that don’t over dry your face and follow it up with a toner.

Use non-greasy products

The changing weather calls for a change in your skin care routine. What works in the colder months or the relatively cooler summer evenings may not work during the day when humidity and heat levels are at their peak. Choose non-greasy, water-based formulations for the day so that the skin remains hydrated and leave the heavier, oil-based formulations for the evening or night when the skin needs some extra TLC to replenish itself.

Use sunscreen

You need to keep the skin’s natural protective layer intact and wearing sunscreen is going to help you do just that. It retains the natural moisture in your skin, thus preventing premature ageing and other related skin problems.

Avoid long, hot showers

Nothing helps you wind down like a hot shower but here’s the thing: hot water strips your skin of essential moisture. It’s best to limit your showers to 10-15 minutes and if you really don’t enjoy cold showers, then make sure the water is lukewarm.